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Attract More Clients by Having a Clean, Power Washed Exterior Storefront

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As a business owner, it is your goal to maintain a fully functional and profitable business. You focus on world-class customer service, attention to detail, and providing value to your customers. You have nailed the right logo, business cards, and brand colors. But how much attention have you given to the appearance of your storefront?

You’ve most likely have spent a lot of money on having a great sign outside of your store, as well as decorating your windows with the ultimate goal of inviting people to come in and make a purchase. However, regardless of the initiatives that you take, if your storefront is dirty, grungy, and grimy, the chances of you landing the sales you aim for is significantly reduced.

The Advantage of Hiring Professional Power Washing for Your Storefront

We’ve all heard the saying “never judge a book by its cover.” However, this doesn’t apply to businesses and their storefronts because consumers absolutely will judge by the looks of the storefront. An astonishing 95% of shoppers say the physical appearance of the store influences their shopping decision. Many consumers will deny entering into to a location because of the way the exterior looked dirty.

Hiring a professional pressure washing company for routine storefront washes is the best way to ensure your business is giving customers every reason to shop in your store. Pressure washing is the most cost-effective way to clean and remove any debris such as cobwebs, dirt, litter, grime, grease, and graffiti. Aside from the storefront, keep in mind to focus on the sidewalks, parking lots, and even dumpster pads if they are visible to the public. All of these factors play into the decision making of the consumer.

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