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Driveway Cleaning

Make Your Driveway Look Like New Again With Our Driveway Cleaning Services

Everyone wants their home looking at its very best, and realtors have stated that homes with clean driveways are valued much higher on the market as well. If you are looking to sell your home or improve its curb appeal, it’s important that you invest in professional driveway cleaning. Concrete surfaces are generally prone to wear and tear, particularly during the winter season. Concrete soaks up moisture, which then freezes and expands, and when spring arrives your driveway will be left with ugly cracks.

The solution to cleaner and better looking driveways is high-class power washing services for your driveway from NC Exterior Care. We have professionals that are experienced in driveway cleaning. We only use high quality cleansers and chemicals that will penetrate concrete surfaces and wash away all stains and moisture on the driveway.

Professional Driveway Cleaning

NC Exterior Care has been offering professional driveway cleaning services to homeowners and businesses in Raleigh for a long time. They have mastered the art of power washing driveways in order to enhance curb appeal and leave the driveway absolutely spotless. We will also clean the surrounding areas around your driveway so that the entrance to your home will look fresh and brand new.

Around 30% of all stains on the driveway are caused by automobile fluids, while 70% are caused by mildew, molds, and fungus. Having fungus on your driveway is definitely not ideal, since when walking on such surfaces, you will bring fungus and mold spores into your home, or office.

Reasons To Choose Us

We only use high quality environment-friendly chemicals in our driveway cleaning services, which ensures that we protect your surrounding environment, while enhancing curb appeal. We have the tools, products, and experience to give your driveway a complete makeover and enhance the visual aesthetics of your home entrance.

If you’re looking for reasons to choose us for professional driveway cleaning, here are some reasons that will help you make that decision:

A Picture-Perfect First Impression

Dirty concrete and an unwashed driveway will bring down the value of a property, and send a bad impression to guests and visitors. We know how to clean driveways properly and elevate curb appeal to a whole new level, so that you make a picture-perfect first impression on everyone.

A Longer-Lasting Investment

Power washing your driveway is much more cost-effective than replacing or repairing it. Our expertise in driveway cleaning will save you money, and will ensure that you get a cleaner and better looking driveway as well.

Improved Safety

Clean driveways are devoid of any stains or slip-and-fall hazards. Our cleaning chemicals will remove any toxins in your driveway, to ensure that you don’t have to visit the ER anytime soon.

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