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The Importance of

Cleaning and Maintaining the Exterior of Your Building

There is a common hyperawareness of the cleanliness and maintenance inside of a place of business, but many times the maintenance of the building’s exterior isn’t considered as often. Being that the building is the very first impression a walk-in client gets from a business, it’s alarming how little of a priority its upkeep can be. There are already several components against the exterior of a building such as mildew, pollution, gum, birds, grease, dirt, and weather wear and tear that can make the entire building, including the roof, look unpolished, dirty, and unkept.

A study of the psychology of first impressions was made by OIE Foundation, and they discovered that a shocking 73% of people judge a business by their external image. Clients may decide not to do business with you before they even talk to you prior to walking into the building.

The Benefits of Professional Commercial Building Pressure Washing Services

Hiring a routine professional pressure washing for your building enhances the curb appeal of your building. The value of your building is heightened when it’s maintained regularly by making it look new and attractive. Your clients, as well as employees, will enjoy going into a building they can feel proud of.

Aside from aesthetic reasons, regular pressure washings keep your commercial building from deteriorating at a fast rate. Mold, algae, mildew, bird droppings, dirt buildup, pollen, and severe weather conditions cause rigid wear on the building which can lead to rot and other serious damages. Pressure washing away all these external factors from the exterior of your commercial building can also improve the overall health environment and even help prevent injuries such as slip-and-falls.

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